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Many fitness enthusiasts dream of having a well aesthetic physique and stylish body shape.  Many personal trainers and fitness experts provide various programs with the title “ How to get Shredded”. However, none of these providers have the magic formula for getting the perfectly ripped physique. Getting shredded is not about specific fitness program or a nutritional diet as is widely presented in the mainstream media.  On the contrary, a lean body is the result of combining a disciplined diet, healthy lifestyle, proper workout plan, dedication and calculation.

The first and foremost for everyone that aims for a lean body is to incorporate a proper diet. The incorporation of a diet that is based on a high protein intake can optime your body. Protein is known to initiate the feeling of fullness. So a high protein diet is a catalyst for fat loss. Eating the needed amount of protein is imperative because it is repairing the muscle tissues after exercise thus initiating the muscle growth. It is recommended to have a steady intake of protein every 3 hours during the day.

The second important aspect is the to drink a lot of water. This may sound simple and obvious, but in fact not many people are aware of the benefits of drinking water. The first benefit is that the water is necessary to hydrate the internal elements of the body. Also, a lower intake of water will result with increased storage of water in the body system. On the other side, if the body gets adjusted to receive increased amounts of water, it will not store the liquids inside. This will result less fluids in the body which will lean out in a evenly manner.

Cardio workouts represents an important puzzle of the ripped body mosaic.  A couple of cardio sprint sessions weekly can generate burning fat while still maintaining muscle mass. It’s also good for the heart and increases endurance, lowers blood pressure, helps to recover from weight training more quickly. All these benefits combined make the Cardio an indivisible part of any lean body fitness plan out there.

An important influence in the process of building a lean muscle can be your lifestyle habits. It is imperative that you get a at least a 7 hours of sleep every night on a consistent basis. Having enough sleep can galvanize your strength levels and it will provide enough rest thus maximizing your fitness levels. Another factor that can have influence is the stress. To be more specific, chronic stress is know to release the hormone cortisol. This hormone can negatively affect the muscle tissues thus slowing down the process of getting shredded.

Calculation and Tracking

The first notable segment is to measure your body composition and monitor it every week. This includes comparing various elements. Yet to get shredded, it is important to focus on the body fat percentage and muscle. The basic concept of this is eat less calories from what your body burns. It is simple formula which prompts the body to burn the fat in order to compensate for those calorie intake shortages.

The bottom line is that getting shredded isn’t an easy task and it requires great effort and dedication. It is challenging journey with possible setbacks along the way. However, if you stay dedicated and follow the proper pathways mentioned above, then you will be well on track to get that lean body physique.

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