Barefoot Squats – Benefits And Advantages

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In today bodybuilding industry, there are numerous workout plans and strategies that aim to provide the blueprint for reaching the overall fitness goals of every weightlifter. On that note, it is important to emphasize that one common element of all these concepts are the exercises. And while much has been said about the importance of the core exercises such as deadlifts and squats, not many people are aware of the potential of doing the so-called barefoot squats. In this article, we will analyze the benefits of doing barefoot squats.

The main advantage of barefoot squats is that it can give the right exercise form and balance thus optimizing the gains from the workout. Moreover, by doing barefoot squads, the bodybuilders can benefit from the prospect of keeping the weight over the heels during the exercise. This will directly increase the pressure levels and will maximize the overall effect of the exercise.

Another notable advantage is that the barefoot squats are characterized with an additional level of stability, body coordination and support during the exercise. When compared to the regular squats, it can have a galvanizing effect on the safety aspects. If the bodybuilder does not have a proper stability and balance of the feet, the movement during the reps will not be safe. Also, it can potentially initiate injuries. Furthermore, the improvement of the core and developing a lean muscle mass is significantly decreased where the stability of the body is not right. That is why the answer to these concerns is the barefoot squats.

Also, one big advantage of the barefoot squats can be seen through the numerous muscles groups. To be more specific, this unique form of squatting does have had an effect on some muscle groups that otherwise are not put to use while wearing shoes. According to research from the University of Georgia, the barefoot squats increase the activity levels of the feet thus fully incorporating them into the workout process. Combined with that is that this exercise can initiate a more solid feeling of the surface.
When compared to the regular squats, we can eliminate the well-known problem of the sports shoes and that is the fact that they tend to squish down. This can have a negative impact on the overall body balance.

All in all, the barefoot squats can optimize the fitness and bodybuilding levels of every weightlifter which in turn can result with a potential for significant increase in lean muscle mass.

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