4 Old School Bodybuilding Methods And Tips

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Much have been said about the different exercise strategies, workout plans, supplements diets. In this modern age of the bodybuilding world, there are a broad spectrum of plan, programs and concepts that tend to be portrayed as the solution for developing a lean body physique. Nevertheless, one simple concept that has been left in the locker room is the old school bodybuilding style. In this article, we will analyze some tips and training methods from the old school bodybuilders.

1. Go Hard or Go Home

The fitness athletes in the 90’s never had a problem with motivation. Many old-school bodybuilders had the ultimate goal to gain a serious mass of muscle mass that will take their fitness to the next level. That is why, many of them always started their training with the harder exercises first. The second supportive reason for this concept is the fact that during the training, tiredness and fatigue comes into play which can ultimately slow down the workouts in the late phases of the training. Moreover, doing the hardest exercises first, can have a galvanizing effect in breaking the muscle tissue which is the direct initiator for muscle growth.

2. Machines vs. Free Weights

In the modern era of bodybuilding, many fitness facilities transformed their interior design in which they included a significant number of machines. Moreover, in this age of machines, most of these innovations are seen as a direct replacement of the free weights. Slowly, but surely, the free weights are pushed aside. However, the old school bodybuilding professionals always preferred dumbells and free weights. The main reason behind this strategy is the simple fact that doing exercises with free weights is harder than using simplified machines. Many studies have shown that the free weights can build more muscle mass compared to the machines and cables. Of course, there are certain exercises that must be done with machines, but the bottom line is to always choose the free weights over machines when you have the choice.

3. Always push yourself

The third notable old-school bodybuilding component is to always be ready for the next level. Today, many fitness enthusiast tend to create certain habits and to fall into the comfort zone during the gym exercises. Moreover, many bodybuilders tend to start with the same exercise, to use the same fitness plan for years or to follow the same workout pattern every training. That is the reason, why it is crucial to have a habit of mixing things up in order to confuse your muscle. Coming out of the comfort can galvanize your training, increase the muscle growth and can help you to take your fitness abilities to the next level.

4. Get Pumped

Workouts that aimed to get the perfect pump was one of the most notable old-school bodybuilding methods. Although this concept is still present in the fitness industry, it is lacking the so-called old school intensity. The main notable reason why these old school athletes loved the “pump” is that it can create significant levels of metabolic stress. This element is one of the crucial components that can initiate significant muscle growth. Also it can reinforce the protein synthesis process by increasing the testosterone production and utilization.

On a final note, we can conclude that the old school bodybuilders lacked most of the resources that we have today. Yet their dedication, knowledge and enthusiasm combined with their bodybuilding methods made them an example and inspiration for many new generations of bodybuilders around the world.

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